Module 1 Participatory Services

I enjoyed watching Michael S & Michael Casey’s first lesson. It seemed like a comfortable and relaxed interview. The section on community engagement struck home. While we strive to impact all our students, which might be unrealistic, we are finding a percentage of students that are letting us know what they expect of us and what they want the library to be.

I liked the format of the “library of the future” video. Great fun. Our library is part of the institution building so the new academic year students are finding the library to be open whenever the building is open, almost 24/7. The Prototype video is not so much for us. I did like the quotation wall idea. The Surface and flicker app video was great. I wish libraries did that when my kid were little. It would be an idea for our instagram pictures when we get a collection.

Still reading the chapters in 2.0, but of course the question is “Why aren’t we reaching users?”

One thought on “Module 1 Participatory Services

  1. I pretended we were sitting by the campfire! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the two videos. Your question may be the key to the whole course!


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