Module 3

Week 3 touched on engaging communities and  making connections.  Monica Harrison, Guest Lecturer had some great ideas. I really liked the marble display and will think about how we could do that. The Idea box was fabulous.  My ears perked up when I heard our other guest lecturer was in Idaho.  Our first son was born in Boise.  Her task at Darien CT library seemed enormous.  Her 23 things program is a great way for libraries to encourage patrons to participate in learning.  One of our colleagues and fellow MOOCer has already done some YouTube videos for some of our resources and would be a great start for us to do a number program.  For example 5 things you should know about RefWorks or 3 things to know about borrowing—especially to the students off campus on medical rotations.

There was great information on the update about his library from Mal Booth, University Librarian, at University of Technology.   Booth_PeopleUTSLibrary The best part was that he included how they went about it. We have to get out and see what our students are interested in, what they might need help with, and then get it to them were they are. I thought this  statement is important to librarians. “Do our people have the space to fail, permission  to innovate, time to think, freedom to partner, etc.? Are ideas welcomed, encouraged and cross-pollinated? Or is it all too hard and do we make it too difficult ourselves or simply avoid all of this?”

Luckily our library would be ok with all that.  We just have to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t.  Not an easy task.

We took some ideas from this week and started a post-it wall by the circulation desk. We have a couple of colleagues taking this course. One  has put up a picture of students posting the name of her favorite book. Here a picture of the first student who had some “me toos” on her post it.

photo 2

6 thoughts on “Module 3

  1. @julial, sounds like exciting things are going on at your library. Thanks for sharing that photo. It’s simple but colorful. Nicely done!

    Would love to be linked to some of the YouTube videos your cohort is creating, but no pressure–only if you all want.


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