Module 4

Here we are at week 4, planning effectively. Going through all the names of techno-olgy that Michael gave this week, I am at Techno-stress and sorry Clay Shirky, not sure how much chaos I could take right now. I can see why the book Information Diet by Clay Johnson fits in here. @Andrea gave a very good description of overdoing tech gadgets, devices, and information in the GoodReads tribe. I think there is a little technolust in all of use. We hear about something new and would like to try it out either personally or professionally. It’s like in week 3, the next big thing. Technostress and shame could go hand in hand. It takes time to understand a new technology. It’s hard to say you don’t understand where or how it’s working.

The Taming the Technolust paper made me realize that the fact someone had to write about it means others are/were in  just a maze of ideas too, not knowing which way to turn. My library is lucky in that the Marketing dept. usually likes our ideas. This year we created a brand icon on our Facebook page that is more professional than when we first started out. The hard part is that we know from statistics that students see our page, but very few likes. Yes, the best are of pictures of students or staff with fun things happening.

One of things I wanted to learn was spotting trends. I’m not sure I would know one if I tripped over it! Oh well, I like the idea of looking at the Wire magazine, and Fast company. I let my subscription laps a few years back. Time to renew I think.

Three important notes from Michael Edson’s video:

  1. Scope-what we chose
  2. Scale-how big are we thinking it will be
  3. Speed-what speed will we move at.

I still have more to read for week 4 and now week 5 is here.


But in a nutshell -Are we having fun?







2 thoughts on “Module 4

  1. “It’s hard to say you don’t understand where or how it’s working.” So true! We talked about this yesterday at my presentation at Washington University library. It’s so difficult to confess “I don’t know about this” but doing so can lead to good things.


    • Thanks. I have to admit at this point in my life it gets easier to say I don’t remember your name or how did you that, not to mention the famous “what was it I was looking for?”. I still have a hard time with twitter not knowing how it will look when I hit “post.” I have a meeting with a friend to show him so examples of what I need to learn.


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