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We have a wonderful local library that is very active in the community.  They have a great Facebook page, newspaper presence, and online presence in the local blog. We also have an individual Facebook page for people who have grown up in the neighborhood.

Two of our communities are close. East Falls and Roxborough.  A lot of time the posts are ”have you heard this or that?” or “have you seen so and so?” The best parts are when someone who has moved away finds the Facebook page and reconnects with friends.  They will share pictures from the past of people, or the community itself such as buildings and roads that used to be around and are so changed now you would not recognize them. Information is only organized by the comments in a post.  I do think people who still live in the area meet up either at the diners, sports field or library.

I don’t know if they have any ties to the local library. Not having grown up in East Falls, (my husband did thou) I sometimes feel left out of posts. I do remember the local movie house and we did post about that. I grew up in the Roxborough area.  They are more active online. Both area  libraries have author nights, music and dance nights, and if someone has traveled they have them speak and show slides. These are only a few things the libraries have to offer and that does not even touch on what they offer during the day for children and seniors.

I would contact the person who is the creator of the Facebook page and see if she would like to meet. We could together find out what other activities members in the community would be interested in joining.  An ideal post would be about a new bridge club my husband has started at the library. Also, October is the perfect month as the library collaborates with the local cemetery for tours of the grave yards. Some grave stones date back to the 16th century, so there is a lot of history too. 

I would also like to start a new homeowner’s group at the library like @meglewis2013 suggested. It would freshen up the East Falls Facebook group with new ideas and keep the community thieving.

The Friends of the Library group will be a good place to start and investigate what we as a community can do.

4 thoughts on “Community Engagement

  1. Facebook has let me connect with many people I’d lost touch with, including cousins I’d last seem when they were toddlers. I dislike some things about Facebook, but on the whole, it’s been good to me.

    Your project sounds good. Specifically, I liked reading about the used of Facebook by your local community. The tours of the cemetery sound perfect for October 🙂


    • Thanks Lissette. I go through periods where I think I want off of Facebook. My weakness is the cute animal videos some people post. They can be amazing. We have 2 Shih Tzus’. Then there are the grandchildren, so I’ll always be a fan of whatever source their pictures are on. Our community is having a dog parade for Halloween too. Lots of fun. Thanks again.


  2. Adding the timely (October tours) and human interest (dog parade, community events) aspects makes the FB presence even more engaging.


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