Week 6

I loved the quote by Samuel Green in 1876. Librarians – make people feel welcome – and personalize their service. Exactly what we have known, but are re-learning in this MOOC.

Aaron Schmidt had a lot of good points on user experience. That we’re not just customer service and to be more aware of our touchpoints.  Signs are a hassle and not really read; however, unless you walk through you wouldn’t know where the reading room or restrooms are located in our library. I don’t know how to improve that, but maybe it will come to me later.

Our website was recently re-designed and easier to use as in  the Benefits of less article. It could probably use some more stream lining in a few subject guides.3

In Learn by Asking by Josh Hadro we are told beware of “snug can make you smug.” Ask personal questions of your users. See what they enjoy doing. Our local library found out people would like to learn to play bridge and so now they have a group that meets a few times a month.

I miss understood the title Debunking User experience by Dean Schuster. Maybe that title was picked on purpose.  Instead of debunking he was explaining that we should know “why” a person does not understand how to log in. What is it that is not clear? We are used to taking short cuts, but we have to talk to the users and research them.

There were a lot of books mentioned this week that I wrote down with stars next to them to put on my reading list.

Well I’m trying to catch up. On to week 7.





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