A Page That Inspired Me

I first went to this page to see how the About Me widget looks. Doug Warren’s page  [http://dpw67.wordpress.com/] is just about everything I think I’d like to explore. He is retired and writes about music, books, links he likes, photos, recipes, travel and writing. He says most of his reading has been on “technical subjects related to software …” Most of mine has been about Libraries.  I’ve only recently started reading for pleasure and love it. I would like to save some links to this site or re-vamp and update my de.licio.us account. I will also add a page for photos and travel. My husband and I were just in Alaska for 14 days and planing a 2nd trip to Canada soon.

I thought I was at a loss for ideas for a blog, but then I found Doug’s page.


2 thoughts on “A Page That Inspired Me

  1. Thanks for your kind words. I am glad that you like my blog, and that we share common interests. It’s nice to make a connection. I am also thrilled that I “inspired” you. We also went on a Princess Cruise to Alaska several years ago and we loved it. I will probably be posting some of my photos from that trip. We also spent a lovely two week touring Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, as well as a trip to Nova Scotia. We hope to do much more, and it will be fun sharing it with others with similar interests.


    • I haven’t been able to keep up with this 101 course, and will be away next week. We are going to Nova Scotia too, for the 2nd time. Can’t wait. I hope to post pictures from Alaska also. Thanks for the reply and I’ll keep watching your blog.

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