Changed My Theme

After researching the the 10/20 theme, I picked this theme because I didn’t like how the 10/20 divided up to another page with “continue reading.” There were a lot of comments about how to change the php, which I hadn’t done since the library MOOC, but also, people noted that if the theme was upgraded it didn’t keep the change you made. I realize one person was using a copy of the theme so that worked for him. Anyway, I have not made personal changes to it yet. My blog title for the MOOC originally had a ship from a picture I took, hence Odyssey,cropped-ship3.jpg

I just have to figure out to or get a new one that will fit banner style. Of course I like this banner the greek building theme seems to go with the word Odyssey. Comment welcomed. ~Julia

4 thoughts on “Changed My Theme

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