Yellow – As a forgotten holiday color.

One of the daily post suggested pictures of Yellow to show other colors during the Holiday. My choices just popped out. It just took this long to get back to posting.  Here are my two photos. The picture on the right is our a rendition of our college flame. The inside is red. The other of course is a local public library.yellowflame

A local library

A local library

5 thoughts on “Yellow – As a forgotten holiday color.

  1. Hi there thanks for following my blog! I’m curious to know as the picture says Free Library, is there any other kind? Do they charge for books in some libraries? By the way good on you for blogging, its addictive once you get into it isn’t it.

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    • Hi, Thanks for stopping by. Free library comes from being a public library that anyone can visit. There are some that are for research and other special libraries. I work in a college medical library. We are not open to the public but some are. We are just to small.
      As per Wikipedia: The library co. founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1731 is usually consider the first public library in the U.S. because unlike the Boston public library founded in 1636, the one in Philadelphia allowed the public to actually borrow books, for free.
      Thanks again for the kind words.

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