In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”

These also would have been good ‘Blur’ pictures. Taken on a beautiful Sunday 4-26-15

Jodie & Reubey playing

Jodie & Reubey playing

reubey runningJodie in air2

Gonna get you!

Gonna get you!

7 thoughts on “Motion

  1. what kewl dogZ i gotz 5 an well 2 of em need to learn 2 werds come here an stay! lol… they love to roam an runn off in da wilderness here 😦 will get my fence done soon 🙂 ……….again kewl dogZ there! 😎

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      • yes deer bear an mtn lion here.they like to go “skunkin” like to chase skunks , got an acre+ i am trying to fence off most of for the dogs missy has cost me 2 vet repairs for brawls with the mtn lion i saw tracks today i am going to take pics of em next time i see em .. big cat ! 2 of my neighbors have lost dogs to the lions in the canyons nearby……peace out keep those 2 dogs safe! an they will help keep u safe ,,,,da dogs way lol..bye fer now :)……..mike in colorado……

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