Mirror – Reflections – Looking Back

This week’s challenge is all about reflections. This picture is both literal and visual. A reflection looking back on my childhood and literal because of the mirror reflection.  1950’s. This was taken by my father who was a photographer in WWII, a police crime photographer, and most of all a wedding photographer.

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110 Thank Yous

thank-you-word-cloud-1024x791Picture by:  http://www.culturalweekly.com creative commons.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who follows my site. I thought I would be writing more, but I didn’t know about what yet. I never dreamed there would be any interest, but then I started doing the photo challenges.  I’ve met some wonderful people on here that are too many to mention, but know that even though I might only be on here  once or twice a week I try to visit you all and enjoy reading your blogs and seeing the wonderful pictures I can only aspire too. (1933 views)

Thank you

Liebster Blog Award!

liebster4Wow, What an honor. I was nominated for the Liebster Award. It was a real surprise. I’d like to thank Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo from  Tales of Young Buddhist Traveler. She has a wonderful blog about her travels and nature.

I have however, decided to have an award free blog. I hope you understand. I would like to concentrate on visiting, commenting, writing and taking photographs that I hope you will like. Three blogs that gave me inspiration where:

Doug Warren‘s, Old not Dead, and Zambian Lady. I hope you will give them a look.

Of course I like all the blogs that I follow for different reasons. They all deserve a thank you for for helping me continue on my Odyssey.

Award Free Blog

Why Am I Here Learning to Blog?

I’ve lived in Philadelphia, PA almost my whole life, except for 3 years in a little town out west when my husband was in the Air Force. We have 4 children and soon to be 5 grandchildren. One of the best things about me is I love my job working in a library. I’ve always said if not for that, I’d be working in a book store. My first thought for this site was that I’d like to have a place to go to save links or blogs I like whether for work or fun.

Why did I sign up for Blogging 101 It’s Scary, very scary. I’m very new to blogging. Expressing my own thoughts, for some reason, is hard for me. So here I am. I tend to write sentences that just come into my head without thinking about sentence structure and clarity.

I am hoping I can retire in in a few years and thought this might be fun. I have no idea what I want to blog about, so I thought having assignments might be easier than learning on my own. That’s about it. I will appreciate any comments or criticism during the class.

Update: 1-4-2015

We have 5 grandchildren now. I have signed up for blogging 101 again because I missed a lot the first time around. I am still learning WordPress and am thankful for the help from other bloggers who have helped me out.