Curves In My Garden – WPC

For this week’s challenge, get inspired by the curves around you. From curves in architecture to bends in nature to man-made undulations, you have lots to work with!

These pictures are from my garden.




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This was last year with my new camera before I knew anything about it. It was hard going from exhibit to exhibit because most of them were so dark. I still like the picture though because of the colors and the Winnie the Pooh connection.

Honey Pot and Bee Hive Flower Show Phila. PA 2015

Honey Pot and Bee Hive
Flower Show Phila. PA 2015




“(Extra) ordinary” – Stilt Walkers – WPC

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Everyone’s pictures for this challenge was so good, that I had a hard time finding something. I settled on this  picture of ordinary people doing something extraordinary! This is a photo I took in April 2010 at an Arizona festival when I still had an iPhone.

Stilt walkers