Night Sky and Taking a Break –


Here is a picture taken from my back yard one night a few weeks ago.

I’ll be away from WordPress for a bit, and back in November.

~Take care everyone, I’ll look forward to seeing all your posts.





Lighthouse and Giraffes – Rule of Thirds

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Rule of Thirds.”

Lighthouse in Canada

Lighthouse in Canada


So, I am not sure of this last picture since the Giraffe is eating the food in the center of the picture. What do you think?

These were all taken at a different time since it is currently 20 degrees in Phila. PA. Not as bad as the people in the New England States have it though.

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These were taken with my Samsung s5 around 4pm EST. I tried posting from the mobile app. The pictures came out too large, so I had to delete and re-add from my laptop. Now they look too small. Suggestions??

This was taken from a bridge 2 blocks from my house. Luckily there was a train there. I did the vertical and horizontal that was suggested.



I had to lighten the 2nd shot shot.





I added this one because I liked the refection.