Pure: Babies – Human and Feathered Friends

Our granddaughter feeding the baby geese at the Wissahickon Creek. She is about to throw the bread, but she doesn’t let go until the back swing behind her. It was so funny. Then her uncle showed her how to toss it in front of her.


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Creepy – Bone Ships from 1903.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

My recent beach combing excursion to  Long Beach Island, N.J.  also  lead me to find out about “Bone Ships.”  A shipwreck  down near Ship Bottom in 1903, had a cargo of hog and cattle bones. Here is a link to an article. Below are pictures I took of my find.



Why & How To Drink More Water

Is your State or Country having a heat wave? I thought this was a cool site on drinking water.


We all know that drinking water is good for us, but did you know it is actually essential for your health? (I’m guessing you did J ) Our bodies need to intake as much water as they put out each day. If they don’t we can become dehydrated, especially those of us that live in an area with a higher climate or altitude. Whenever we work out we should be drinking water. As we get older, we should be drinking even more water. So I think it is safe to say that almost all of us should be drinking more water. In this post I will give you some great reasons to drink more water and then some tips to get you to actually start doing it!


Reason 1: (Health & Beauty Benefits)Image

The majority of our bodies are composed of water. We needs these fluids for EVERYTHING (i.e. circulation…

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