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Online Professional Learning Network Assignment

My Goal

There are still many things I have not had the chance to learn. I would like to learn screen casting and YouTube  presentations  as well as other emerging technologies.

My Scope

As the staff member in charge of the mobile guide, I need to keep up to date with new technologies. First, I would like to catch up to other librarians using YouTube and screen casting. Second, I would like to post the videos on our Facebook page as little scenarios of what is happening in the library. This would reach our medical students both on and off campus. I would then like to give our  other colleagues a chance at seeing how they might engage our students.

 Resources for tutorials for my goals of videos





YouTube Tutorial –

Windows 7


Resource Networks for Emerging Technologies

I use Feedly as my news reader.



http://Twitter.com         my account is: JuliaLwavesHi2

I’ve been a lurker for 3 years and only have 237 tweets. I hope to get more involved since this class. I have to decide on my desktop software, which I think will make me feel more comfortable tweeting .

Chronicle of Higher Education

Profhacker         http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker  – email alert

Wired Campus   http://chronicle.com/blogs/wiredcampus – email alert

C/Net The next big thing

http://www.youtube.com/show/nextbigthing – email alert

Krafty Librarian  – Always has good tips, news, ideas and suggestions.




Tame the Web

http://tametheweb.com   Twitter: @mstephens7

I liked this site before the MOOC class and now it will interesting seeing what Michael comes up with next.

Twit TV for iPhone, iPad, and Windows weekly.

http://twit.tv/  These shows keep you up to date with what is happening and new apps to use at work or play.

Network Maintenance e Plan

 I always keep up with my news feeds if there is something interesting. Often there is only time to put in a read later folder.  I want to try to keep blogging, even if I change one page to private. That way I could look at the articles and just write a summary of why I read it in the first place.  Reading articles and newsfeeds is always an ongoing project.

After the New Year, I will start on my primary goal of learning screen casting.

I will add new resources to my OPLN as I find them, both for screen casting and emerging technologies.




Always glad to hear from you & your comments are welcomed.

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