Resource Links To Keep in Mind

Work in progress:

I intend for this page to be my go to place to remember links about a variety of things.


Kids “Little eLit is a crowd-sourced, grass-roots professional learning network that works to develop promising practices for the incorporation of new media into library collections, services and programs for families with young children.”

Work – Library

Advisory Book links

Annoyed Librarian

Best image format for email  PNG, GIF, OR JPEG?

Edudemic connecting education and technology

Internet Archive

Learning in the modern workplace.

Social Science Blog – British Library

Steven Bell

The Unquietlibrarian

Walking  A library design consultancy and blog by Aaron Schmidt


Frangelli’s Bakery – South Philadelphia

CollectionArchive of Recorded Poetry and Literature

Open Culture – Free Spanish lessons

Senior discounts

Elizabeth Gilbert This made me laugh so hard, I embarrassed myself in public.

Also — I wish somebody had taught me this particular meditation years ago. I think it would have made my meditation practice a lot easier, a lot more effective, and definitely more life-affirming!

(Warning: If you have severe naughty-language sensitivities, you will definitely want to skip this one. The F-Bomb is the LEAST of the bombs that gets dropped here. As for everyone else, though? ENJOY.)

.     F*ck That Guided Meditation


San Francisco Cable Cars

Villa Migelita


2 thoughts on “Resource Links To Keep in Mind

  1. Well, thanks for stopping by, it’s been too long since I have posted anything new. Not sure what happened. No excuses. Hope to start with this weeks photo challenge. Happy New Year.


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