Quest – Top of William Penn

Living in Philadelphia, PA for some 60+ years, I had never been at the top of our City Hall to get a birds eye view of William Penn. The photo at the top of William Penn turned out too dark so I changed it to a  sepia tone to try to lighten it up. The other photos are views from the top.




View from other side of tower.



View of the Parkway to the Art Museum


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Look Up – Black Cube-Like Building

I snapped this picture when I was in San Francisco for a library convention. I was using my iPhone and couldn’t find a spot to get the whole building. It is the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Libeskind – designed cultural Center. This link will show the whole building and information on the center. [6-28-2015]

black building

Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco

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Shadowed – Weekly Photo

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed.”

I think I missed on this one. I forgot it was suppose to be “not the obvious shot.” I was just excited to see a shadow I would have not thought of taking before.  I might have gone back to taking a picture of my dogs. [laughing]

Foucault's Pendulum

At the Franklin Institute

From the Institutes sign:

Why is it Important: In 1851, Jean-Bernard-Leon Foucault proved that the Earth turns using a pendulum like this one.

What would you see if you stood here all day? At 9:30 am the museum starts the pendulum swinging in a North-South direction. During the day the pendulum knocks down a peg every 20-25 minutes, making it to change direction. By 5pm half of the pegs have fallen.

What’s going on? The fact that the Earth is spinning and the pendulum is swinging creates this interesting effect.

Yellow – As a forgotten holiday color.

One of the daily post suggested pictures of Yellow to show other colors during the Holiday. My choices just popped out. It just took this long to get back to posting.  Here are my two photos. The picture on the right is our a rendition of our college flame. The inside is red. The other of course is a local public library.yellowflame

A local library

A local library