October – Wheaton Village Glass Pumpkin Time

Every year there is a glass pumpkin patch made from glass in New Jersey. This is the first year I was able to get there. Here are some different sizes and colors of the pumpkins.





Some artist I like:




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Abstract – WPC


~I couldn’t find a plaque to identify this, but it was near my son’s house in Phoenix AZ. If anyone from there knows, please comment.

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“(Extra) ordinary” – Stilt Walkers – WPC

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Everyone’s pictures for this challenge was so good, that I had a hard time finding something. I settled on this  picture of ordinary people doing something extraordinary! This is a photo I took in April 2010 at an Arizona festival when I still had an iPhone.

Stilt walkers

Vivid – Dance Mask

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Vivid.”

Taken before I really thought about centering  photos. I always thought it looked OK in the viewer, but now that I know better it is kind of sad. Still I like the bright orange of the mask.

3 Photos from “The Totem Heritage Center houses a priceless collection of 19th century totem poles and other carvings, retrieved in the 1970s from the Tlingit Indian village Island and from the Haida village of Old Kasaan, on Prince of Wales Island.”

601 Deermount Street Ketchikan Alaska 99901629 dock Street (mailing address)

IMG_0730 IMG_0731 IMG_0732


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Wall.”

This wall came about because of graffiti. The owner decided to paint this, and anytime graffiti was add somewhere he just added to the picture.  Sometimes it changes, but I have never photographed it. Now I will have a reason.

local wallThis wall is in a backyard. When left with some homemade tiles and no place to hang them, we decided to put them up on a wall. A bird feeder prevents a nice straight on picture.

wall2These wee taken with my Samsung phone.

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