In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”

These also would have been good ‘Blur’ pictures. Taken on a beautiful Sunday 4-26-15

Jodie & Reubey playing

Jodie & Reubey playing

reubey runningJodie in air2

Gonna get you!

Gonna get you!

New Skin

New Skin In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

I could think of a lot of people I think I would like to trade palaces with, but the prompt also said “species.” My first thought was my dog. I’d love to know what they think when playing, do they like their food, do they like playing with other dogs or going to walks in the park? Then I thought of other dogs. I would like to be a seeing eye dog for a child.

small__7113742857 see more at

I would like to go through the training and then get placed with a child that of course needs me, but we love me to pieces too. Here is one link to the history of service dogs.

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Todays assignment: Experiment with panning: pan your camera across your scene while following your moving subject. It takes practice, but if done right you can produce images with clear subjects against blurred backgrounds.

I couldn’t do this with my phone camera, so I used a canon power shot 300hs at ios800. Since the merry-go-round was not working at the mall, I tried some shots with my dogs. Here are the results. I may try the merry-go-round over the weekend.

dog test 1 038 040