October – Wheaton Village Glass Pumpkin Time

Every year there is a glass pumpkin patch made from glass in New Jersey. This is the first year I was able to get there. Here are some different sizes and colors of the pumpkins.





Some artist I like:




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Glass and Inside-Out Window

Since I started this Photo 101 I have been thinking about taking pictures when I go someplace. At a retirement party at Rosemont College, Rosemont Pa I took these pictures of the ceiling and window of the main house built in 1891.

The full picture of the stain glass ceiling did not turn out as I had expected, so here is a thumbnail.

Rosemont College window_rosemontRosemont ceiling

After I read the window or glass assignment I looked around work to take a picture of the outside campus. Taking this picture I noticed I could see the girls in the library on the first floor through the reflection. I was on the second floor. In the reflection you can see the 2nd floor railing and the first floor where the girl is in the red sweater. She is not behind me, but in a study room to the southeast area.  Although the picture is not that great I liked how it turned out. Here it is.


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