H2O – AZ Falls – WPC

US Department of the Interior/ Bureau of Reclamation/

Title xxVII  Phoenix AZ




From behind the first picture. I like the little peep hole in the center.

From behind the first picture. I like the little peep hole in the center.


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Mirror – Reflections – Looking Back

This week’s challenge is all about reflections. This picture is both literal and visual. A reflection looking back on my childhood and literal because of the mirror reflection.  1950’s. This was taken by my father who was a photographer in WWII, a police crime photographer, and most of all a wedding photographer.

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Admiration – Family

Those who follow my site, know I don’t usually post pictures of my children’s family. I quickly took this picture Saturday while at the Franklin Institute when they were eating lunch. The institute’s exhibit was the Science Behind Pixar. We had a fabulous time. It’s a little blurry, I was in a hurry in case they looked up.

sam lunch

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Connected to Vines – WPC

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

When moving into a new house you prioritize what needs to be done. At my daughters house today, her dad went out in the yard to help with some over grown vines. The yard had been the least of her worries as she worked and her family grew. When I saw how big the vines were from 3 years of being unattended I grab my camera phone. Somehow it is all connected, father, daughter, vines, working together to free the holly trees.

father and daughter

Here is a piece of that vine.


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